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Residual Links Link Exchange

So what is this all about?

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Why should I join this link exchange?

There are two reasons, the first is the real possibility to make a "Residual Income", and the second is to increase the traffic to your website with the minumum effort possible.
You can signup and see how the it all works before deciding to subscribe your website, so why not take a look.

Residual Income

Why should I refer people?

1) We pay you $2 for every actively subscribed site your refer to us every single month!
2) Once you have referred a user, you own them.
What this means is that for each additional site they subscribe in the future, you get another $ per month.
3) The more people that join, the bigger the link exchange directory, the more incoming links everyone has pointing to their websites.
Put simply, if you refer two people you get our link exchange service effectively for free!

How do I refer people?
It couldn't be simpler.
Add a link to your website with your referral code attached like this:
Now, if anyone visits our link exchange by clicking on your link then we drop a cookie into their browser.
This cookie allows us to identify that the user of that browser was referred to us by you.
The cookie lasts for 30 days, so if they revisit Residual Links and signup within that time it will still count as a referral.

Can I just be an affiliate?
Yes not a problem. you do not have to have a website in our link exchange directory to be able to earn money.
Simply signup using the signup link above - all members are assigned a referral code.

Automatic Link Exchange

Why exchange links?
When you type a word into popular search engines, how often do you browse past the first 10 results?
Hardly ever, so for massive traffic you need to do all you can to get on that first page of results.
It is now widely known that the major reason a site appears so high in the search results is due to the number of other websites linking to your website. It is also widely believed that the weight of the vote is increased if the content of the website linking to your site is similar.
You should not exchange links purely to obtain higher search engine ranking as this is against most of their guidelines regarding link exchange.
However, exchanging links with sites containing similar content for mutual traffic benefit is encouraged, and this is the service we provide to you.

How does it work?
Each site owner chooses which link categories containing sites they wish to exchange links with.
Where both users have elected to exchange links with each other's categories, then link exchange between them is instant depending on the link release setting you have chosen - more about that later.
This means that with zero effort you will be increasing your incoming links, and therefore your traffic.

How do I know the other websites are still linking to me?
Because this is all centrally driven by our database there will never be any broken link exchanges.
If your partner's site appears "down" during our daily checks, the link to their site on your link page will be automatically removed.
We also check for link exchange cheating by checking on a daily basis that the linkpage is linked from the homepage and no 'nofollow' attributes are set.
If this situation is discovered, then the link exchange is instantly broken and the link is removed from your linkpage.

I want organic link growth - is that possible?
To simulate organic link growth you can optionally choose gradual link release. This gradually builds the number of exchanged links by the number you select up to the total in the link exchange directory.
This is important because some search engines are known to penalise websites where a large quantity of new links appear in a short space of time.

Exchange only with similar content websites
You can easily restrict the category of the sites you want to exchange links with. This ensures maximum benefit, because you should only exchange links with sites which are similar in content to yours.
You can also review individual sites added in the last few days or weeks and choose not to exchange links with them.
This means that although this system can be fully automatic, you also have the ability to control exactly who you are exchanging links with if you choose to do so.

Is the code difficult to add?
We provide a small piece of code for you to simply paste within a page on your site.
You web host needs to support either PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.NET or ColdFusion (Most do nowdays)
When you have added your website and setup your link exchange page, your link automatically appears on all the other member's websites where the exchange category restrictions are met.
When someone visits your linkpage, in the background the code you have added talks to our website to get the link exchange directory information which is then seamlessly displayed on your page.
This is a one time setup task, after that there is nothing more to do except wait for the traffic to come in.

Will the effects be instant?
Yes and no.
You should see an increase in traffic where people browse the linkpages of websites linking to yours.
Search engines "spider" websites to find new pages on the internet to add to their indexes.
However, because these link pages are new, some search engines wait a while to make sure they are worth indexing and to make their results more stable. This is referred to as the sandbox effect. For this reason, it will take time for the new incoming links you gain using our system to be visible using the search engines. Link exchange is a LONG TERM COMMITMENT and results are not instant or guaranteed. Incoming links are extremely important to get good traffic to your website, and we provide a way to do this with minimal ongoing effort on your part.
If you are unhappy with the results you can cancel your subscription at any time, there is no extended tie in period.

Will ResidualLinks help get my website indexed?
Search engines regularly "spider" websites. The more websites where your link is present, the higher the likelihood that search engines will follow the links to discover your website. When this happens your site will get indexed. So a benefit of joining our link exchange will be that your site should get indexed quickly.

How much does it cost?
The fee is $3.95 per month per website.
However, if anyone you refer to us subscribes a website you get $2 per month.
So, get just two people to sign up and it's effectively free.
Refer more people than that and we'll be paying you instead!